Jananayak Chandrashekhar University aims at becoming a leading centre in the country for higher education, creation of knowledge, social transformation and serving the nation with a sense of harmony, unified voice and solidarity. Located in the centre of the Ganga valley, it can take a pivotal role in promoting studies on river-plain based agriculture, economy and society including issues related to Indian Diaspora and migration.


In coherence with the above Vision, the Missions of the University are as follows :

  • To become as a premier centre of higher education by offering best class learning, research and training facilities to the students.
  • To nurture students who are capable of transforming the society.
  • To promote studies and research on cross-cultural, multi-cultural, and multi-regional continuum covering a large part of the country.
  • To support and sustain a scholastic environment helpful for the advancement of individuals by embodying the spirit of excellence in teaching, research, and value creation.
  • To moot activities for meeting the challenges in an increasingly competitive, global and multicultural world.